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want to join the movement?

explore 4 different ways in which you can get involved with Nomad Farm

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exchange your skill(s) for a discounted (or free) participation or stay with Nomad Farm



share your craft or knowledge at a Nomad Farm retreat or location



facilitate a connection between Nomad Farm and a new partner in your home country (or anywhere in the world) to co-host

host a retreat with us



be an active member of the community and receive perks such as discounts, space to host a paid events, & more


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"Having participated as a volunteer made me want to contribute because I could easily see the effort and dedication by the hosts into running everything as smoothly as possible. From listening to people's concerns, dealing with occasional unpredictable issues and being aware that not everyone has the same speed at becoming relaxed in such an environment. It was great being able to experience this and to know you as a team and as individuals. I'd go for another retreat easily."

Volunteer - Daniel Bastos, Engineer, Portugal

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