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Pop-up ecoliving
for Digital Nomads 👩‍🌾🧑🏾‍💻
Portugal, May 2024

📍Traditional Dream Factory, Alentejo, Portugal

📅 May 5 - June 2

👩🏽‍🌾 Capacity for 18

⏰ Min Stay 1 week


An immersive regenerative coliving experience in the beautiful Alentejo region in Portugal working remotely alongside 18 other nomads at an authentic regenerative nomad village


Our philosophy is that true freedom is found in getting to know Mother Earth and knowing how to tend her. We believe that our well-being and hers go hand in hand. As we cure, transform and regenerate the land that supports us, we do so for ourselves.


Do you need to be on vacation to explore a different lifestyle? If you can work from anywhere with good internet, why not do it from a farm surrounded by animals, beautiful people and nature?


This coliving experience is about immersing in the regenerative lifestyle without compromising on your work.

It's about truly connecting with nature, yourself and 18 other open-minded souls inside an experience designed for remote workers and digital nomads.


About Traditional Dream Factory 🐑

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Traditional Dream Factory (TDF) is a regenerative co-living space that combines community, technology and nature. TDF is designed to be a co-living space, a farm, a makers space, a co-working area, and one of your homes 🌳

TDF is a blueprint for a system where the land owns itself, challenging traditional ideas of ownership. They believe in decentralization as a practice, exploring new models for living together 🦋

Rooms & Prices

Price includes locally-sourced daily meals & requires some participation in the kitchen 🧑‍🍳​

Stay from 1 week to 4 weeks between May 5th and June 2nd

TDF-Private-Glamping-Coliving-Portugal-4 (1).jpg

Private Glamping

1-Month $1,295

2-week $660

1-week $355

Private glamping tent

Rooms two


Van Space

1-Month $715

2-week $385

1-week $205

Come with your van #vanlife


Shared Glamping

1-Month $935

2-week $485

1-week $260

Shared glamping tent

Rooms three

Enjoying Nature

Camping Space

1-Month $645

2-week $330

1-week $175

Bring your own camping gear

Prices are in USD

Bathrooms are shared in all room category

Inquire about the extra fee for a second participant sharing a private accommodation

You will receive a quote based on the exact number of days for your stay during the retreat

What's included?

Three meals per day, Gardening Workshops and intro to Syntropic Farming and Reforestation Systems, Regenerative Finance & Regenerative Agriculture Presentations, Yoga & Meditation Classes, ​Cooking Lessons, Art Activities, Musical Events, Hikes & Outdoor Activities & more.

Access to a Co-working Space powered with strong wifi​, fully-equipped kitchen, Activity Room, Playground (treehouse, slackline & more), Wood Workshop, Artist Atelier & a large land to explore.


How to get there?

The closest airport is Lisbon. 


To get to TDF from Lisbon, you have a few options:

Drive: You can drive from Lisbon airport, which takes about 1.5 hours. We recommend taking the highway until after the Setubal area, Marateca exit, and then you can choose to take the scenic routes (and avoid tolls). If you drive straight down from Grandola, you'll take a dirt road for a few kilometers, which is the shortest and most scenic route.


Train: There are 3 trains per day from Lisbon Sete-Rios to Ermidas-Sado. You can book your train ticket in advance at Ermidas-Sado train station is only 15min from TDF. We'll arrange a free pickup for you at the station!


Long-distance bus: You can take a long-distance bus from Lisbon to Santiago do Cacém. You can book your bus ticket at Santiago do Cacém bus terminal is only 15min from TDF. We'll arrange a free pickup for you at the terminal!


Register for the upcoming regenerative retreat at Traditional Dream Factory by Nomad Farm

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You will receive an email from us with the confirmation link & more info.

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